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Hi, My Name is Author Corey Bryant. I am 49yrs old,from opelika, ala I am a self published author. I currently have 2 books out now. Yielding to Unfulfilled Desires Vol1 and R.I.C.O vol 1. Yielding to Unfulfilled Desires Vol2 is coming out very soon. R.i.C.O vol 2 is in the process of being completed. I wrote 4 novels while incarcerated in the Alabama department of corrections.


unfulfilled desires

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"Hey lover, Hi friend"

"Hey lover, hi friend," is story one in yielding to unfulfilled desires. Courtney and Beverly are friends and coworkers. They work in the I.T. section for At&t in Atlanta,Georgia. Courtney, a known playboy in the building, is challenged by Beverly on completing a romance novel, in which Beverly did'nt know he was writing. In the meantime, Beverly introduced her god niece Tisha to Courtney on a friendly note one day. Shortly thereafter, Courtney and Tisha ended up getting together, without Beverly knowing, and having sex. When Beverly did find out, she was secretly upset and jealous. While attending Beverly's annual book club ball, Beverly let Courtney knew about him and Tisha's involvement, and she displayed how it bothered her. At that moment, the both of them, yielded to an unfulfilled desire, and had sex in the dressing room of the event center. From that moment, a relationship was formed.

Yielding to unfulfilled desires vol 1 story 2

Yielding to Unfulfilled desires vol 1 is a compilation of three urban romance/erotica stories. Story number 2 Frank and Tracy. Frank a professional sports agent, meets Tracy, a successful event planner, while attending a stage play. As the both was going through a break up or almost a break up, the two became good friends. When Tracy catches her boyfriend Lewis, having sex with Olympia, who was like a niece to Tracy, that made her go ahead and lock in with her friend Frank. The two hit it off fairly easily and quickly. Frank and Tracy already had developed feelings for each other as friends. A Romantic relationship between the couple, is what they both wanted, deep inside, once they first met. A surprise appearance by Tracy's long lost mother who abandoned her at the age of eight, kind of threw a twist in Tracy's life. And her already suspicions about Frank and his coworker manifested, right before Tracy's eyes. Literally. Tracy caught Frank and his coworker Angela having sex, in a bathroom stall, at a Christmas party.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

R.I.C.O is a street tale about an ex convict recently freed from the federal penal system in which goes on to form a ruthless drug organization with the help of an incarcerated mexican cartel boss also he becomes a successful rap music record label owner. A hit performed by the ex con on a former cartel underboss who turned government witness son drawed the former under boss out from witness protection to seek revenge and when a known drug dealer in Atlanta, georgia is murdered and causes a big war in the streets, the feds start there investigation into the ex con and his record label. Ultimately when some twin females are murdered in Miami at a famous hotel and 2 federal agents who were doing surveilance on the ex convict and entourage are found murdered at a miami swamp, the manhunt for the ex convict and crew has begun. After a shootout in Dallas, Texas and drama in Tennessee in which a famous rapper is kidnapped from a concert and later found murdered, the ex con is captured in Detroit. Extradited back to Atlanta to face a federal trial.

Book Bubbles from R.I.C.O

Road to riches

The main character, ex con Antonio Deangelo stops at no cost to be a boss! Loyalty being one of his high quality attributes, he reflects this with his actions towards his incarcerated mexican friend, who happens to be a cartel leader. While incarcerated the two used to frequent the law library together, also the work out yard. There on the work out yard when Garcia, Antonio's mexican partner, had a confrontation with some Aryan Brotherhood guys,in which turned violent. Being Garcia's friend, Antonio got right in the middle of the attack, saving Garcia's life. With gratitude towards Antonio, when he was released from prison, Garcia arranged for him to be put in power by dumping plenty of drugs on him. so with Garcia case on appeal and the only thing was hindering his victory was his codefendant who testified on him. To stop the codefendent from returning to testify against Garcia, Antonio went to Mexico and murdered the codefendent's son.

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