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Connie  Myres

CONNIE MYRES writes books and short stories in the horror, mystery, suspense, and science fiction genres. She is an author, developer, and registered nurse. Sometime in the future—whether by choice or by arm-twisting—she will join the digital nomad movement. Born and raised in Michigan, she has been creating stories since childhood. Children she had babysat as a teenager loved to hear her mystery stories, especially since she carefully included all the children listening into the storyline, causing suspense for everyone. Connie's website:



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When children disappear and citizens are murdered in a Lake Michigan resort town, will a citizen reporter and her quirky sidekick cousin be able to stop what witnesses describe as a faceless, tall skinny man in a black suit before grief and death touch everyone in town? Citizen reporter Pacie Rose is in her strawberry with her family when Irma, her offbeat sidekick cousin, calls and reports that there's been a child abduction in town. They take on the self-appointed case of finding the culprit while murders and another missing child pile up. Armed with tools from the priest and local college professor, they are ready to confront the thing that witnesses describe as a tall man who wears a black suit and who appears to have no face. The resort town of Black Water is inundated with so many weird events that Pacie Rose took up being the town’s citizen reporter. With her quirky cousin as the sidekick, they work to assist authorities in solving cases. Not bound by institutional rules, they can investigate using “not so legal” ways to get information. The Potawatomi have told of strange occurrences in the area long before the construction of the nuclear power plant in the 1960s. However, ever since Bulwark became operational, aberrations have increased substantially. Missing people, cryptids, UFOs, the paranormal, and alternate dimensions are just a few of the mysterious encounters. Follow Pacie as she works to rid Black Water of the terrifying phenomena.

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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Bloodthirsty vampires, obedient gargoyles, and a creepy castle on the shore of Lake Michigan, just might give Cassie the alternative future that she thought she wanted. Cassie co-owns C & N Rare Books with her best friend Nicole in Black Water, Michigan. Desperately wanting to be a wife and mother, she decides her longtime boyfriend Derrick is the man she should marry, even though he wasn’t everything that she thought she wanted in a husband. Then an intriguing man enters the shop and Cassie reconsiders her options. Maybe Gustave was the right man for her—fate stepped in just in time. Will bookstore owner Cassie Fields marry her longtime love and have children before her biological clock runs out, or will the mysterious man and the found ring drive her to madness, causing her to lose everything she's ever wanted? Vampires, obsession, and a series of haunting events plague Cassie and influence her life decisions. Can she break the hypnotizing pull of the mysterious stranger, Gustave Veil?

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Bitter Castle

Thunder cracked as she walked into the castle's entry hall. It felt damp, cold, and smelled musty. There was even a scent of something metallic, or rather, something bitter, if bitter could be a smell.

The Creepy Castle

The woman stepped aside and motioned for Cassie to enter. But for some strange reason, Cassie was afraid to cross the threshold. Her gut was telling her not to go inside.

The frightening trip to Gustave's.

Cassie's ring finger was burning. She pulled on the skull, but it was still stuck. Then there was a bang, and the car shook. Something had run into the side of the car.

The Skull Ring

The skull still held tight to her ring finger. “I can’t get it off.” “I thought you put it in the safe. What’s it doing on your finger?” “Well, I forgot it was in my pocket.” Cassie hated to lie. “When I found it, I tried it on and now it’s stuck.”

The Nightmare Is Coming True

Cassie answers Derrick's marriage proposal. His reaction was not what she expected.

Cassie Meets The Vampire

Cassie's boyfriend does not seem as desirable when a handsome vampire walks into her bookshop. Is she suffering from: the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Or is something more sinister at play?

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