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Dr. Charles A. Guilford, III is a 20+ year practitioner that has served in various capacities and roles within multiple school districts. His personal and professional experiences have fostered his desire to enhance education practices and approaches. He has served as an educator at the k-12, undergraduate and graduate levels, with a concentration on secondary education.


Just Thinking

Religion & Spirituality

This collection of thoughts and poetry are just my thoughts and ponderings. Some were inspired by and others supported by scripture. I share with the belief that “Just Thinking Vol. 1” will be of benefit to someone’s spiritual or life journey.

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All Together Now

Education & Reference

"All Together Now Vol. 1” provides a different perspective on school leadership preparation and practice. Analysis of 40+ years of research reveals that all the tools needed to improve the quality of school leaders are readily available, but a change of how these tools are viewed is needed. The ability to transform the school culture, guide the instructional program, and share the leadership responsibilities are what qualify the central leadership figure. These qualifications are cumbersome and complex, and the actual practices needed to perform each of the qualifying tasks, while existent, have yet to be effectively synthesized, categorized, or made palpable for the everyday practitioner. In order to create the most effective learning environments, PLCs, school leaders need tangible means of implementing proven practices. "All Together Now Vol. 1” examines a new perspective of school leadership preparation and suggests means by which school leaders can begin structuring PLCs.

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Shared context focus is just the beginning.

Shared leadership is PART of PLCs. In isolation, shared leadership lacks the tenants needed to foster a PLC environment. Cheese is an ingredient in pizza, not the pizza!! In this text, shared is considered a context focus, not a leadership style.

Been around for decades

PLCs have existed, effectively, might I add, for decades. The problem is the leaders of these early PLCs were erroneously identified as something called "instructional leadership"......SMH.

What it is all about.

This bubble briefly summarizes the main focus of the text. Simplistic and focused.

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