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Author-Amateur Historian-Traveler-Celtic Enthusiast History permeates almost everything Carol enjoys, whether travel or volunteer work. Just ask her family! She enjoys gardening, especially learning about plants from the past and their culinary and medicinal uses. Today, Carol and her husband, Dave, call Germany home, and she spends her time practicing German on their two cats and Widgit, the History Hound, who often joins them on their escapades. Over the years, she has put her passion for history to good use as a volunteer and an interpreter spanning different periods from the Romans to the Middle Ages to the Revolutionary War, most recently as a member of the 7th Virginia Regiment. During their tenure in Italy, Carol took part in the Pompeii Food & Drink Project, exploring the eating and drinking habits of the residents in 79 AD. While living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Carol volunteered as a docent conducting tours at Ker Place, a colonial home constructed in 1799.


Death on the Line


He spends his life solving puzzles. Now facing an incompetent sheriff, can Angus solve the murder and avoid the hangman's noose? 1763. Eighty years of skirmishes along the controversial Pennsylvania & Maryland border. Mason and Dixon arrive with the latest 18th-century technology. Native tribes contest it. Both colonies challenge it. One side will not be happy. Angus MacKay arrives amid the massacre of the Conestoga tribe. He is plunged into intrigue as their mission is sabotaged. Suddenly, Angus trips over a dead body, and the incompetent sheriff would like nothing more than to arrest Angus for the murder. It's a hanging offense. Suddenly, the game changes from defining a line on the ground to defining the line between good and evil.

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Making history fun!

I’ve always been interested in history, certain periods captivate my interest. After living in Virginia three times over the years, I always thought when I finally sat down and wrote, that I would set my story there, in Colonial Williamsburg or Jamestown. I visited those so many times. But a chance comment I overheard changed my perspective. The information was wrong. Suddenly, I found myself setting my mystery along the contentious border between Pennsylvania and Maryland during the historic Mason-Dixon survey in 1763. It has become my passion to combine entertainment with actual events from the past and the people who lived in that time.

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