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Carla King has more than twenty years of experience as a writer, author, self-publisher, web developer, and book consultant. She started self-publishing in 1995 as a technology and travel writer and became one of the first bloggers on the internet. In 2010 she founded the Self-Publishing Boot Camp series of books, workshops, and online courses. She runs Destination Published for author and publisher coaching, offers Self-Publishing Boot Camp online courses, and hosts the Author Friendly Podcast. She also works with the San Francisco Writers Conference as Director of Business Development and Independent Publishing Track Leader. Carla has been connected with the Silicon Valley publishing technology industry from its inception and has served as a trusted advisor to companies and to authors eager to publish independently. Find out more at


Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors, 5th Ed.

Education & Reference

You are an author. Be proud. Be excited. Relish the glory of a finished book. But hold on, don’t get ahead of yourself. The last thing you want to do is publish your book before it’s ready. Yes, there is still more work to do to produce your book professionally and to make sure it sells. Make it easier by following the complete step-by-step process in this 5th edition of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors. With over twenty years as a writer, self-publisher, web developer, and publishing coach, King has distilled what you need to know to succeed in plain language even a beginner can follow. You’ll learn how to do critical market research so your book reaches the right readers, how to find book reviewers and early readers who will become your superfans, and how to produce a high-quality book to professional standards so your book competes with the best in your genre. Find out how to set up a publishing business, how to choose a print-on-demand and ebook distribution service, how to market using social media, and how to reach the traditional media when it’s time to launch your publicity campaign. This all-inclusive guide will help you do it all yourself or, if you’ve got the resources to hire out tasks, you’ll learn how to negotiate with editors, designers, marketing and PR consultants, and other publishing professionals. You'll also get access to reader’s resources to get updates to this guide and other bonuses.

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