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Candace  Carrabus

Carrabus writes from the Lincoln County, Missouri farm she shares with her husband and daughter. A scoliosis diagnosis at age 11 changed her life. A horse lover from a young age, she signed up for riding lessons and learned much more than posting trot. With quiet power, horses provided comfort and a sympathetic ear, never judging or poking fun at her cumbersome back brace. Those years, though often difficult, taught Candace the value of persistence, the healing power of believing in oneself, and how strength can be gained through kindness. Her stories are imbued with the irresistible wonder, mystery, and solace her equine friends have provided. On the Buckle, Dream Horse Mystery #1 and Raver, the Horsecaller, Book One are both Reader's Favorite 5-star review winners. The Roar of Smoke received 4 stars. Wrong Lead, Dream Horse Mystery #3 received the American Horse Publications Equine Media Award for Equine Fiction book. If you like your stories filled with powerful women, mystery, adventure, romance, and humor, then you'll like my books.


Wrong Lead: Dream Horse Mystery #3

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

~~Winner of the 2019 American Horse Publications Equine Media Award for Fiction AND a Winnie from The Equus Film & Arts Festival, as well as the 2020 Feathered Quill Bronze award for Animal-Adult and finalist in Mystery/Suspense!~~ Gallop to the finish with Dream Horse Mystery #3 Vi's kept a job for nearly one year and is sure she's going ride off into the sunset with her trust fund, but ghost horse Wastrel has plans that put everything she's worked for in jeopardy... Viola Parker knows old wounds can fester. What she doesn't know is how deeply they can cut or to what lengths people will go to recover. When she returns to her roots to solve her mentor's murder, nothing and no one is what they seem and no amount of whipped cream makes sense of it. She should be able to trust her friends, her family, herself. She should know where she belongs, where home is. But with Malcolm and everyone she loves acting strangely, and everyone she hates even stranger, trust becomes elusive. Wastrel becomes her only confidant. Has she been on the wrong lead all along? If Vi doesn't figure out Wastrel's clues in time, what she doesn't know could kill her. Vi's in for a bumpy ride in this riveting and poignant wrap-up to the Dream Horse Mysteries.a

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On the Buckle: Dream Horse Mystery #1

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Vi's attitude just landed her out of work--again--and she can barely keep her horse in hay let alone support her need for whipped cream. Now, all that's between her and a surprise trust fund is keeping a job for one full year by the time she's 30. And a glowing letter of recommendation. But it's hard to keep a civil tongue when within minutes of arriving at her new post at a Missouri horse farm, Vi runs headlong into a bull, has to catch a runaway, and her horse kicks her kilt-clad boss, Robert Malcolm. If Malcolm doesn't make the farm a success within the year, his father will sell it to developers. The new manager is a key component in his plan, but the moment Vi and her long legs and keen gaze step into his bull's path, he knows he's in trouble. Soon, sparks fly between them. But someone else has their eye on the land, too, and they will do anything to kill his success. It's supposed to be a relaxing--boring!--year of riding "on the buckle." First, Vi's favorite red panties take a float downstream without her, and when she gets to the store to stock up on whipped cream, people are already talking about it. Soon, between the ghost horse visiting Vi's dreams and the dead bodies piling up, the question isn't whether she can keep her mouth shut long enough to earn a reference, but whether she'll live long enough to get it.

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Spreading Manure

Vi has to learn many new skills when she starts working at Winterlight, and driving the tractor is one of them. When you own horses, you have to deal with the waste they produce. Stalls must be cleaned daily and the manure disposed of. Usually, that means taking wheelbarrows full of wet shavings or straw and manure somewhere and piling it up until it can be moved elsewhere. A healthy temperature for properly composting manure is between 90 and 140 degrees. (I did a lot of research for this book!) I've seen manure piles steaming, and they can get as hot as 160 degrees or more. In many places, compost piles are used to dispose of dead livestock and will render a body into useful humus in fairly short order. I won't say more except that these facts became an important part of this story.


I once heard an author speak at a conference who said, "Chase your characters up a tree and then throw rocks at them." I liked that advice and enjoy getting my characters in as much trouble as possible. Vi was reluctant to take this job but she needs it. Needs to keep it for a year if she's to get the trust fund her absentee parents set up for her. Her cousin Penny sent her on her way with three new rules: No drinking, No smarting off, No sleeping with the boss. Is Vi able to obey the rules, keep the job, get the trust fund? Find out in the Dream Horse Mysteries. The short prologue to the series, Cold Backed, is always free and available everywhere.

Character Voice

Vi Parker came to me one day all of a piece. I felt her anger, her hurt, her vulnerability. Though she presents herself with hard edges wrapped in witty sarcasm, at her core she’s just as in need of affection and reassurance as any of us. She remains optimistic and hopeful. Building out her history led to the eventual result that the Dream Horse Mysteries became much more than the comedic amateur sleuth horse stories I envisioned when I imagined what would happen if Janet Evanovich and Dick Francis had a book baby. These books are about generational conflict, learning to trust oneself, believing in the power within, and healing.

Run Out: Dream Horse Mystery #2

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Keeping a job for one year shouldn't be this hard. Vi's sworn off whipped cream, her favorite bra is strung on a tomato plant, and ghost horse Wastrel has galloped back into her nights... Vi's kept her attitude in check--at least on the outside--and kept her job. So far, so good. The mysterious trust fund created by her absentee parents might be attainable after all. But on a hot and sticky day in August, when Vi's hunky boss, Malcolm, is out of town, her estranged parents and long-lost grandfather land on the farm's doorstep with nothing more than empty suitcases and a few scraggly tomato plants. Tempers flare and secrets emerge. Fearing Malcolm will finally lose his patience with her, Vi does her best to keep her grandfather out of the gun safe and her dog out of his precious garden all while trying to curb a lifetime of anger to endure her parents' mystifying visit. But that's the least of her problems. The eye thief is stalking them, and he'll stop at nothing to execute his long-awaited revenge. Vi can barely resist the urge to run out. Will she survive a scorching summer of tomatoes, tango, and terror? Witty, crisp dialogue and plenty of twists and turns will keep you guessing right to the end of this thrilling and emotional sequel to On the Buckle.

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Summer Heat, Summer Storms

On the farm, the weather is much more than a matter of convenience...or inconvenience. It is life. Will it rain too much or too long to get the crops in? Will it rain on the newly mown hay and ruin it? Will the corn dry up and die on the stalk? I live on a farm in the midwest, so I'm familiar with this cycle and love including the weather in my stories. In this excerpt from Run Out, Dream Horse Mystery #2, it's summer in Missouri. Hot, humid, buggy. Thunderstorms can rise up out of nothing more than the shimmering heat and moist air quickly ruining the day or crops, and sometimes, bringing a break, a release. Tempers are already short, and then Vi's parents arrive at Winterlight without warning, just like an unexpected storm. The parents who gave her up, who disappeared, whom she hates. Are they harbingers of doom or just the breath of fresh air needed in the middle of a scorching summer? In this scene, the tension and mystery escalate right along with the storm.

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