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B D Lawrence

An Angel and a One-Armed Man

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Once he’s found her, he needs to rescue her. But human traffickers fight over her and could kill him for interfering.

Lefty Bruder doesn’t know who to trust, and the wrong choice could end him. His client’s niece has been kidnapped and Bruder needs to understand the kidnapper’s endgame, so his intervention ensures both of their survival. The men who have his client’s niece rob a high-profile gangster starting a street war in which Bruder finds himself a target.

Discovering who all the players are, Bruder believes he knows how to retrieve the abducted girl. But the wronged gangster links the PI to his stolen cash and points his hired guns toward Bruder demanding the meddler’s death.

Can the one-armed private eye evade the killers, rescue the girl from the kidnappers and keep them both alive?

An Angel and a One-Armed Man is the engrossing first book in the One-Armed Detective private detective series. If you like edgy private eyes navigating a complex web of criminals while rescuing innocent victims, then you’ll love B.D. Lawrence’s intriguing private detective novel. Buy An Angel and a One-Armed Man and traverse the dark streets of human trafficking today!

Book Bubbles from An Angel and a One-Armed Man

A One-Armed PI who rescues trafficked girls

I'm using this book to help fight human trafficking. It's about a girl who goes missing in St. Louis, which is a hub in this country for human trafficking. Lefty Bruder, a one-armed private detective, who is intimately familiar with this brutal underworld, is hired to find Angel. I am donating half my proceeds from every book sold to an organization that fights human trafficking. I hope you enjoy this chapter. If you visit my website, you can also find the Lefty Bruder Origin story and his first PI case. "A Vigilante and a Two-Armed Man" is the origin story. And "The Finger Snatcher and a One-Armed Man" is Lefty's first PI case.

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