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Bill Wilson was a senior vice president for a national paint and industrial chemical company and has been a research fellow for a Fortune 500 company. Before retiring in 2000, Bill made a commitment that he was going to become closer to God. He and his wife, Shirley, reside in Portland, Oregon, where they have lived for the past fifty two years and raised their five children.


Reflexpower for Willpower Alternative


In behavioral sciences, an entirely new behavioral concept requires a new language, to help us make a shift in how we think about a subject. Reflexpower.™ is one of those new concepts that come along only a few times each century. When was the last time you remember hearing about a new behavioral theory with new language?  New information changes how you think about a subject forever, and we absolutely need new information to cope with the world’s pandemic crisis. Reflexpower methodology research establishes a fresh behavioral strategy that discloses a new, life-changing behavioral model that will bring color back into your life.  Our behavioral methodology is built upon using all our faculties and that of course includes our indwelling soul’s spirit. Most of the human race neglects using the most powerful faculty we have, putting us at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to having a well directed mind. We cannot be fully human until we learn to bring our verbal and awakened non-verbal faculties together. When we become the master of our internal behavior we become aware of the fact 90 percent of all our conflict is not in our sphere of influence. Living Life on Life’s Terms requires us to not follow our self-seeking body selfishness, because other people or our soul’s influence is not in our minds sphere of influence.  “In truth—it is what it is,” truth frees us.

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The proclivity of Reflexpower emotional current has a pervasive influence on our behavior for “good and bad” conduct through our non-verbal faith, hope and love influences on our faculties. Good Reflexpower is what can bring color to our behavioral life. And bad Reflexpower can bring conflict to our indwelling mind’s faculties causing us to do what we do not want to do. Reflexpower™ for Willpower Alternative dwells on the fact we have this powerful functional process and how to direct or re-direct that emotional current to our benefit in a variety of ways that gives behavior satisfaction. Reflexpower has equally pervasive influence on my bad behavior as it does on my good behavior thus; the need for direction or re-direction. This functional process can be used to replaces the need for executive reasoning when affected by the influence of my self-seeking body’s selfishness. Automatic reflexive power takes willpowers executive reasoning “to be or not to be” willful out of the picture, disarms most internal conflict, freeing me from emotional loss and that continuity alters my behavior and I do what I want to do automatically. Reflexpower is bullet proof when it becomes functional.

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