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Bill T Farley

Bill Farley is a 30 year veteran of the news, sports and television entertainment industries, more than 20 of them with Playboy Enterprises, Inc. where he served as Vice President, Marketing, President, Playboy Model Agency and chief media spokesman for founder Hugh M. Hefner. Currently, he is retired and continues his profession as a prolific newspaper and magazine writer.


Team Player: A Bobby McRae Thriller

Working Title: Team Player: A Bobby McRae Thriller

This Book Is In Development

Team Player: A Bobby McRae Thriller

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

This contemporary mystery/thriller is the first in a planned series featuring Bobby McRae, a former decorated soldier in an undercover diplomatic unit. After his separation from service under strange circumstances his unorthodox career arc takes him to Hollywood as a top executive at a film and television studio. When the allure of Tinseltown fades for McRae, he moves to Charleston to live the life of a “Southern country gentleman.” Thena former Los Angeles business associate arrives on the doorstep of his rustic cabin outside town -unexpected and very dead-and McRae has to call on all of his skills and resources to find out who murderedhim and why.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Team Player: A Bobby McRae Thriller

Kendall's Counselor

In pursuit of the motive behind Jerry Kendall's apparent murder, McRae talks his way into a meeting with his former colleague's attorney, a high profile celebrity Hollywood lawyer. Attorney Robert Raskin is reluctant to discuss the case, then caves in a bit when he realizes that Bobby already knows much of what took place after Kendall's suspicious death. He admits that his own thorough inquiry into his deceased former client's life and lifestyle uncovered no clues about the whys and wherefores of what transpired.

On The Job Training

Bobby McRae thought he’s pulled a comfortable assignment when he was selected to be a part of a special unit. Its responsibility was clear-cut He was to be one of a team of plain-clothes couriers safely and clandestinely delivering highly-sensitive documents to embassies and consulates around the world for the State Department. Traveling light,, alone, and out of uniform, he was enjoying taking mostly commercial flights and only the occasional military transport to exotic destinations in countries he’d previously only read about in geography books. He even got bumped up to first class once or twice, which he appreciated even more. Even though he was trained in counter-terrorism and heavily-armed, it never really occurred to him that he could be on some very dangerous missions. He thought of himself not so much as an “officer and a gentleman” than as an “officer and a delivery boy.” All that would quickly come to an end when his “easy” job suddenly turned into a test of everything he had learned and practiced. Would he be able to handle himself in the crunch when a routine mission went side-ways? And, how would the way he dealt with it impact his military career?

Muscle Beach -the "real McRae"

Bobby McRae is a man of numerous interest and talents, many of which he stumbles upon almost by accident. When he makes a trip to Los Angeles to probe the curious case of his former colleague, Jerry Kendall, he is drawn to one of his old haunts, Venice's famed Muscle Beach. Watching the freakish "professional" body-builders work out makes him nostalgic for his own efforts at big-time weight training when he was an entertainment industry executive in Hollywood. It also reminds him that a realistic appraisal of his abilities convinced him to stop trying to be someone he wasn't. Unexpectedly, his Muscle Beach visit becomes much more interesting when he is approached by a beautiful young women. Bobby can't get a handle on who she is and why she suddenly popped up by his side. He'll be even more perplexed when he opens his carry-all bag and discovers that she has slipped him her business and a hot line to reach her direct.


Bobby McRae was an ordinary guy with ordinary hopes and dreams until a freak accident ended his promising gridiron career. That twist of fate sent him on an unexpected journey that led him into the U.S. Army and service in a clandestine diplomatic assignment. He performed so well that he was both decorated and rapidly honorably discharged from the military simultaneously with one catch: he would continue to train regularly and remain “on call” for new assignments as needed. Returning to civilian life he stumbled onto an opportunity to use his other talents to rise quickly in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Success seemed to follow him as he moved up to become a senior executive at a major motion picture/television studio. Then, a wholly unexpected windfall convinced him to leave the high pressure world of show business and tray a new way of life as a “Southern gentleman,” living in his dream home, a rustic but comfortable cabin on the water outside of Charleston, South Carolina. Just as he was becoming established in his peaceful new life, the suspicious death of a former business associate literally at his feet propelled him on a search for answers that found him caught up in a one-man quest to thwart an international terrorist plot.

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