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Barbee  Kinnison

Retired Beverage President. Award-winning master cake decorator. Retired Realtor in Las Vegas, NV. Now travels and has a ranch in Wyoming. Writes Christian, Fiction.


Barbee  Kinnison

Working Title: Raven Coulter Book 1

This Book Is In Development

Raven Coulter Book 1

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World's Largest Lottery won by two people...a brother and a sister. They form a benevolent foundation and begin the saga of helping others.

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Ravens Life Changed In One Night

I tried to imagine what it would be like to go from being jobless and broke to a billionaire in one night. It was as if I could feel the disbelief and the mixed feelings of is this real, or is there something wrong somewhere? Raven's brother, Boomer had intended to make a fun event out of a birthday joke. According to the numbers posted, this was no longer a joke...this was real. Together they thought and created the plan of advancing to the point of claiming the lottery. An amount this large requires precautions and cautious they were. Winning together and working together, kept the family ties strong. They went from shock and disbelief, to jubilation and ultimately cautious. Imagine what it must feel like to fully realize and grasp the fact, you just won the largest lottery in history. This is exactly what I wanted to capture.

Birthday's Are Special

I had my very first birthday party when I turned 16. It was a sweet 16 Birthday party with five of my girlfriends. The idea for this scene evolved from my own brother who was the BBQ Man. I didn't think anyone could smoke meat, or cook on a grill better than he could. Raven's brother is giving her an annual BBQ birthday party. Her Brother's talent is cooking steaks on the grill. Raven's girlfriends and best friend, Tamara, come annually for the steaks and fun. This is a special time for any sister, but Raven's is different...her brother is the only family she has and he continued raising her after their parents died while she was still a minor. He loves to make her happy as a sense of brotherly parenting. Her brother, Boomer, has a unique where are you of always making things fun the few times they get together in their now young adult lives, so he thought of a birthday surprise that would change her life forever, so he said!

East Coast, West Coast

I was born in San Diego, California, and I've lived on the east coast. I felt Raven's affection for the warmth and the sunshine. The healing powers of sun rays are magical. Raven was exonerated of all doubt about leaving school during final exams once she felt the West Coast sunshine warming her soul and her body.. She took a few personal moments for feeling, and smelling. We all know the statement; "Take Time To Smell the Flowers." She was doing just that. She yearned to take in Rodeo Drive, but satisfied her craving with the thought she would indeed return someday. Her ultimate reason for being there, was the bonus money! She needed a newer car, and this was her down payment money. She was prepared to work and get back as quickly as possible to the East Coast and her finish her final exams, and hopefully, find a new job geared towards her long and expensive education. I hope you enjoy the warmth of the sunshine as much as I did while writing this in Wyoming during a snow storm and chill factor of -3ยบ. I was a bit jealous.

Birthday Party and Graduation

My enthusiasm for writing has existed since high school. It was a way to be creative and a form of escape. My grandfather was always writing short stories and poems of which I found to be fun and interesting. They were always funny, he believed life in writing, for him was to be fun and amusing. He enjoyed making others smile. I feel the same way. That's when I discovered my muse for writing. My English teacher kept my papers for examples to show her future student interesting writing examples. Like Raven, I worked, went to school and wanted a better life and car!

A Bonus Changed Her Mind

Raven was in the middle of her graduation finals and the bonus was a carrot dangling in front of her to entice her travel across the country. A substantial bonus causes many people to work harder, sacrifice their own plans, or even plan around it. I remember in my own life, working extra hard to get a bonus, or commission. This is one of the paths Raven learns, money isn't all that it seems to be when words are promised!

My Character's First Crush

What fascinates me about this character, Raven Coulter, is her intense focus on her goals and finishing college. Working as a hand model has enabled her to finance her education, but has left her no time for socializing. She and her brother were orphaned in their teens and this has made them both self-reliant. Like Raven, I too am very goal oriented, so I understand her goal-oriented personality. The only excitement in Raven's life at the moment is her secret crush on her photographer, Dante. But she hasn't let on about her feelings for the last three years because he already has a girlfriend. I must say, I loved crafting the complex dynamics between these two characters.

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