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Vladimir Putin - Top Leader of Modern Humankind

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As one of the most powerful people on Earth, Vladimir Putin has his fair share of unconditional supporters and sworn enemies. It’s often hard to distinguish fact from fiction and reality from propaganda, especially considering how the West routinely demonizes Russia. Ashok Gupta’s Vladimir Putin - Top Leader of Modern Humankind attempts to showcase an alternative view while increasing the reader’s knowledge of modern Russia. The book presents a concise historical overview of Russia from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 to the present days, with an emphasis on Putin’s political career; explains the country’s internal and foreign policies; and analyses various global issues, especially from the perspective of Russia. The author’s observations and conclusions are crucial for all of us. Editor of this English version of this book believes that if many people from the planet named “Earth” will read this honest book - the World will become a better place…The second smashing part of the Book is coming this year. Supporting our author - you are supporting the whole world because people around the globe deserve to hear the truth.

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The collapse of economy

During 2020 the whole world is facing difficulties of all kinds: economical, healthcare, media brainwashing, work, psychological health. Leader of different countries are trying hard to reduce all these difficult issues. Russian leader Vladimir Putin already faced difficulties even harder than they are now in Russia. At the same time he is helping with humanitarian Aid Italy and USA. Because Putin has heart for the hole human nation.

Changes to come during coronavirus pandemic

President of Russia is trying hard to develop a vaccine from coronavirus and share it with the whole world. Already he has done a humanitarian help to Italy and other countries.

Putin and his family

Proud father and an ambitious man. Hard to be a president of the biggest country in the world and a loved father.

Who is spreading lie across media?

We all know that the main media corporations are under Rockefellers and Rothchild family. Who do you thing control the world media? Of course there is no doubt. America with its capitalistic world can buy anything they want. Thats why people believe USA is on the right side and Russia is heir enemy. People have to be well educated and know who their real enemy are.

From Spy to President

Vladimir Putin has been ruling Russia since 1999. In that time, he’s shaped the country into an authoritarian and militaristic society. Today, as president of Russia, he’s challenging the US-led Western world order by propping up dictators, tampering with elections, and invading his neighbors. It’s all part of his worldview, which has been taking shape since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. To understand Vladimir Putin, you need to understand how he saw the end of the Cold War.

Who is it to blame ?

I remember changing may schools when was young. Some of the students were in these schools from the first class and of course made many friends and learned school rules and regulations. However I was not adapted coming from other regions and changing homes. Kids were bullying me all the time, because I had my own pace in transformation and adaptation. I hope you get my point about Russia. Its a beautiful country with beautiful talented people. Just need more time for things to get to the standards western countries got used to.

Jealousy from the West

I'm sorry to say that, my I make this opinion when I travel and talking to people in USA and UK, some people say - @Russian president is a dictator, he is rich, he organised mafia and owns the whole country, plus wants to take over the whole world, we need to stop him". Vladimir Putin is the president of the richest country in the whole world. His position is clear to me. I know Russian history well to understand things that are going on now internationally. Mr. Putin wants to make peace not war with healthy mindset.

Vladimir Putin shakes the whole world!

Russian president is very ambitious man on the global scale. His ambitions are to make the world a better place for everyone of us. Some of us might think that its impossible. However I believe it is possible for a man like him.

Crisis of 2020 will lead Russia to...

The beginning of the crisis 2020 sees Russia as a weak economy according to its dependance on oil industry however Russia has its advantages and the President Vladimir Putin knows them well.

Top Leader of Humanity

Most of the world's presidents care more about their personal public image rather than caring about their country and the image of the country they represent. Sorry for such a complexity. I'd like to say that Vladimir Putin is trying to lift Russian's economical positions in the world's arena. Russia always played the key role linking the Asia with the European countries. Russian leader also comes to countries with humanitarian aid and military help, not to make war, but to make peace. Vladimir Putin's image is true, he is popular because of things he does for his country and the whole world.

Vladimir Putin's Background

Russian leader Vladimir Putin comes from an ordinary family. His parents didn't make his career . His hard work and cold mind at some actions led him to become the President of Russia.

Few words about joining Crimea

There are many discussions about Crimea joining Russia. However non of them are true. Read the true story about this conflict and the land which was Russian during the reign of Russian tzars with 90% populated by Russians.

Picture of the Russian Leader

Russia is a wonderful country, with people of hope to changes. More than seventy years this nation lived under massive blockade from itself and western propaganda. Russian leader -Vladimir Putin gave that hope to people and made big changes. In twenty years he brought Russia up from its knees, speaking out to the world and referring back to the times when Russia was the country that gave the world - classics, ballet, scientists and genius of our time.

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