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Anthony  Garcia

Anthony Garcia is founder of Twenty First Century Investments and Benefits, located in Denver, Colorado. A native Coloradoan with family roots in northern New Mexico, he has earned an MBA from the University of Colorado. He listened to Alabados as a child, the lyrics and genre had always piqued his interest; a focus ultimately responsible for his lifelong study of the genre and is author of the historic website. Author of Award Winning book The Portal of Light, he is completing the work on his 2nd novel, Sacred Lives, Twin Sun. This entry into a spiritual mystery of the Ladino influenced directive into the modern world.


Anthony  Garcia

The Portal of Light: Kabbalah, Emmanuel and the Church

Religion & Spirituality

In the late summer of 2011, a leather case contained two Cuadernos-Notebooks arrived for translation, the native New Mexico and Southern Colorado Alabados-psalms nuances are my specialty to make understandable into the English language. Surprisingly, the second notebook was 7,000 word mystery Play that I titled the Jornado de Exódo-Journey of Exodus, an alternate version of the Emmanuel birth as the principle story of the play. What was discovered was the concealment of a hidden journey in the play, Spanish Hebrew families as they hide their history and weave their cryptic story within the original play using secret handwritten text of society of the Hermano Penitentes and the Crypto-Judaic ancestors. The play provided concealed historical clues of the anonymous author, there history and journey lining the Sinai mountains, Sacking of the Second Temple, Rúb al Khali desert, Flavius Josefus and the Judaic Spanish Explorers homeland at the 33° latitude in New Spain. The play written in the languages of Castilian Spanish and Ladino, interwoven with both Hebrew and Aramaic words. Awoken within me was the sleuth, to disclose the unjust lives led by the anonymous authors of the Spanish Inquisition after 1492. This story was provided to me for translation, deciphering and explanation in the year 2011

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This non fiction write shares the story of the arrival of the Cuadernos-Notebook that was to be translated and deciphered prior to the year 2012. This disclosure shares the cryptic history of the crypto Judaic community from New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

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