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A J Park

I'm an Award-Winning author of YA Fantasy. I love the outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing, and backpacking. I love to read, especially fantasy, of course. My work is full of adventure, strong characters and unique cultures.


War's Ending

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Gold Medal Winner in 2020 FAPA President's Book Awards. When exploring a new colony leaves her in injured in the middle of a battle, Shalyrie finds herself captured by enemies who mask their faces. Can she unravel the secrets behind the war? "Action-packed with unexpected twists and turns, this is an enjoyable read that leaves you wanting more!" -5 Star Amazon Review

Book Bubbles from War's Ending

Injured and alone with the enemy

Shalyrie was touring a new colony when a sudden attack by masked horsemen left her injured and captured. She needs to stay alive long enough to discover the secrets behind the war. The arrow that struck her was meant for the governor. He doesn't mind using Shalyrie as a pawn in his play for power. She turns to the mysterious horsemen for help.

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