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Amie  San

The Light of Avalon

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A trip on an old three-master changes everything. Joana falls madly in love with Tom, but her husband is also on board. It soon becomes clear that she has to make a decision.

But not only Joana is bound. Tom is a happily married father of two children and absolutely faithful. He suffers increasingly in a serious conflict of conscience. While the life of the new lovers gets out of hand, the nostalgic sailing trip develops into a journey into the unknown. Strange occurrences force them to leave their old lives behind and lead to an awakening into a higher consciousness. Will the two be able to live their love?

True Love and Mysteries is the first book of the romantic fantasy series The Light of Avalon. If you like exciting stories where people grow beyond themselves, then this adventurous and romantic novel is just the thing for you.

Make your way to Avalon today.

Book Bubbles from The Light of Avalon

No way back

While Joana and her friends try to find land and get of the ship they have a live changing experience. A water tunnel sucks them in, and takes them into a new dimension. At this stage they don't know if this is a good thing or not. Joana can sense that this mind-blowing change of their journey is irreversible and that they will never be able to return to their old lives. But without being able to explain why, she feels excited and enthusiastic, and so do most of the others.

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