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Felix Alexander, multi-genre author of: THE SECRET OF HEAVEN, THE SECRET OF SCRIPTURE, THE LAST VALENTINE, THE LAST LOVE LETTER, HER AWAKENING, SHADOWS OF TIME: THE AMULET OF ALAMIN, THE ROMANTIC: A LOVE STORY, and A UNIQUELY PORTABLE MAGIC: THE MYTHICAL KINGS. He resides in Chicago to remain close to his children and is currently writing his next novel.


The Romantic


The Romantic is a love story about friendship, passion, and the echo of unrequited love. Hadriel Alighieri has harbored a secret love in his heart for his entire life. It began in his youth, when he fell in love with his best friend, Sophia Paula. After Sophia leaves for America and is later betrothed to Joshua Abrams, Hadriel is devastated, but he is a hopeless romantic.


In the winter of his life he is haunted by the memory of Sophia Paula. When the Angel of Death comes for Hadriel, the journey begins. From his deathbed, he travels to the day he fell in love. He retraces the steps of his life in search of his unrequited love. For she too harbors a secret love in her heart. But what begins as a journey to fulfill a promise turns into a discovery of the only emotion that defines our lives. Did she wait for him?

Book Bubbles from The Romantic

When the Moon Eclipsed the Sun

There's a difference between a once in a lifetime love and the love of your life.

A Night to Remember

The slow seduction is a lost art, but one night in the spring two would-be lovers embarked on a silent journey to the shores of passion.

Affairs Never Begin in the Bedroom

A secret meeting out in public leads us down a dark path to challenge fate, or redefine it.

Betrayal at First Love

We all remember the first time our hearts are broken after having fallen in love.

On the Edge of Erotica

Have you ever lost yourself in the moment of pleasure that focused on foreplay, and foreplay alone?

Love Begins at the End

Do you remember the moment you said goodbye to the love of your life?

The Things We Do for Love

Have you ever changed your habits and routine just to be close to someone?

In the Presence of God

What will you reflect on about lost love in your final breath? Live your life for love, or die for it, but don't leave anything unspoken.

Upon First Meet

Do you remember the first conversation you had with the love of your life?

At First Sight

Do you remember the first time you saw someone who stole your thoughts and captured your heart?

Past and Present

For some, love is like time. The present becomes the past in the blink of an eye. The conundrum is when we stare into our future with uncertainty and reach for what was lost, in lieu of leaving it where it belongs.

Secrets and Lies

We lie to ourselves and we lie to each other. This leads to secrets that torture our hearts and ruin our relationships.

One Last Breath

Live life on your terms! No one will ever reflect on what you did and didn't do when they are on their deathbed. And so you must live your life for you because it's the things you don't do that you truly do regret.

The Last Love Letter

Literature & Fiction

"What if you were the one?"

With those words, Arabella España is lured into a tale of forbidden love and forgotten secrets. In the wake of a murder in 1950's Puerto Rico, Nationalists revolt against American colonialism. An amnesiac recluse, married to a man she does not love, Arabella finds solace in the only remaining book in her possession. One of many banned by Puerto Rico's Gag Law.

The mysterious novel entitled THE LAST LOVE LETTER by one Aurelio Valentino leads Arabella on a journey with the main character in search of his lost love. But as she delves deeper into the story, she makes a shocking discovery: the novel contains clues to finding the legendary Labyrinth of Love Letters. A place of love and myth linked to the letter stolen from the corpse of the man who had recently been killed.

As each page draws Aurelio and Arabella closer together, she anxiously searches for the love letter that will reveal the identity of Aurelio's lost love. In her endeavor to find the Labyrinth, she discovers that the murder is a fate tied closely to her own destiny. Soon Arabella's literary journey reveals memories of her forgotten past and she discovers what happens when the main character of the story falls in love with the reader.

Book Bubbles from The Last Love Letter

Avoiding the Inevitable

We walk the path we choose, yet destiny always finds a way to lead us to where we belong.

Books and Words

Stories keep us company when the world abandons us, and words are like whispers between souls.

Time is Irrelevant in Books

Sometimes we lose ourselves in a story to find the memories of what never truly happened in order to have peace.

Mourning the Loss of Love

It is only when love is lost to the finality of death that we regret all the things we should have said, but didn't speak.

When Reading Leads Us Out and About

Reading transports us to another realm, but what happens when reading leads us to close the book and pursue a dream?

In Love with Reading

We lose ourselves in a parallel universe when we read. We fall in love. We chase dreams. We lose touch with reality, but what is real and what is not is merely a matter of perspective. After all, isn't everything perceived by the brain real?

Love at First Sight

It is different for everyone, yet it is the same.

The Labyrinth. The Legend. The Love.

In the tradition of sequels, a bloodstained love letter is stolen from police evidence. The legend of the labyrinth is considered a myth by some and a reality by others. The forbidden love leads our main characters down a dark path of secret passion and the perils of uncovering the truth.

The Secret of Heaven

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When investment banker Lazzaro de Medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. In possession of an encrypted letter given to him by Lazzaro, Aiden utilizes his extensive knowledge of Scripture to piece together clues that lead to a Lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ. Hidden within the text is an ancient truth about the most controversial message Jesus left to His disciples. But as Aiden embarks on his quest to unravel the mystery of redemption and faith, a secret organization known only as The Group hunts him down to destroy the Lost Bible and tie up loose ends. With the help of his fiancé Dr. Miriam Levin—a cultural anthropologist and a professor of historical archaeology in her own right, their friend Nagi, a philologist, religious historian and an eccentric cryptographer, Aiden soon realizes the Lost Bible was written by the only disciple who walked with Jesus and had his gospel omitted from Scripture. Things are further complicated when a mysterious stranger warns Aiden that possessing the secret of heaven could cost him his life. Pursued by the F.B.I. for the ancient Black market relic and the Chicago PD in connection to the murder of Lazzaro de Medici, Aiden races against the clock to prove his innocence and fulfill his mentor’s dying wish. Expose the secret of heaven...

Book Bubbles from The Secret of Heaven

The Last Valentine


When Olivia Villalobos finds a bloodstained love letter she endeavors to deliver it before Chief Inspector Sedeño finds it in her possession. A city along the southern coast of Puerto Rico emerges in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War. Olivia, daughter of a drunkard police investigator who never knew the truth behind her mother’s disappearance, finds a bloodstained love letter in the hidden compartment of her father’s coat. Convinced it belonged to the man recently found dead she sets out to deliver it to the Labyrinth of Love Letters. A mysterious place believed to be an urban legend where the transients of forbidden love leave missives for one another. She enlists the help of Isaac Quintero to find the Labyrinth and they soon realize their quest has opened the door into Old Sienna’s darkest secrets—the perils, madness and depth of tragic love.

Book Bubbles from The Last Valentine

Dream a Little Dream

I wonder if dreams are glimpses into a parallel universe, and that is why they feel like deja vu.

Everything in the Dark is Always Revealed

There are no secrets in matters of the heart. Even innocent love must come to the fore...

Of Love and Legend

The Labyrinth, like love, is considered a myth by those who have yet to find it. Those who have found either, or both, have seen what others can only dream of.

Love and the Labyrinth

To seek love is to look for the labyrinth in your heart. It is filled with shadowed corners and twisting corridors where you hide your secrets from the world. It is the place where your soul may be lost to forever.


Heartache will cripple you and lead you down a dark path where you'll lose your soul in the attempt to recapture what was lost.


It is the only emotion that defines our lives.

The Agony of Love

Longing is a beautiful torture. Especially when you endure it together!

Living with Regret

Don't put off for tomorrow the chance to express your love today. Tomorrow is promised to no one!

Purest Pain

Heartbreak teaches us how to love.

Rain and Storm

There's a difference between loving someone and being in love. Knowing the difference makes all the difference.

Love and Lust

Love is the medium of the soul. Lust is the plane of the body.


We all remember love at first sight.


Akin to love not being the sun and the moon, but the dance between them.

Unrequited Love

Akin to a flower that is not plucked from the world.

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